ASSAM NEWS: AHSEC will introduce Bihu as an elective subject in HS course

ASSAM NEWS: AHSEC will introduce Bihu as an Elective subject in HS course

The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, known as AHSEC is all set to introduce the indigenous and popular folk dance of Assam Bihu as an elective subject for the higher secondary course from the coming year 2020. Bihu is also very much popular folk dance of North-East and India. There has a huge bihu-lovers worldwide.

The announcement came into news after several educationists came together in a workshop to discuss ways to preserve Bihu in the state of Assam among the youngsters.

AHSEC organised a workshop with a number of Bihu experts and academicians to chalk out a roadmap for the same as well as to deliberate on the contents of Bihu textbooks and decide on the curriculum and syllabus. Considering the popularity of Bihu and the need for imparting its proper knowledge among the younger generation, the council have decided to introduce it as a full-fledged subject. Different segments of Bihu including the dance, the instruments like Bihu dhol, pepa, gogona and the Bihu naam etc.,

In this regard AHSEC chairman Dayananda Borgohain said that Bihu is the only festival that can unite people, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. It's a vital characteristic of the vibrant culture revolving around the Bihu festivity. But off late, there has been a lot of concern over distortions in Bihu celebrations and the accusing finger is pointed towards the youth. That's why they have decided to introduce Bihu in the academic curriculum.

Students choosing Bihu as their elective subject in Higher secondary  courses, would have to appear for a 100-mark question paper in the final examinations. The paper would comprise both theory and practical segments. However, the distribution paterns of marks for both the segments is yet to be decided.

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