Rechecking process of SEBA HSLC/AHM answer scripts || How to Apply Online?

Rechecking process of SEBA HSLC/AHM answer scripts || APPLY ONLINE

The State board of Assam,  Board of Secondary Education, Assam, (SEBA) has announced class 10 or High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination 2019 results on its official website on 15th May,2019. 

Regarding this, SEBA has introduced a few modalities for Re-checking of its answer scripts. Following modalities have been proposed for applying for Re-checking of Answer Scripts and obtaining photocopy along with Rechecking of the Answer Scripts for the candidates of the HSLC/AHM Examinations 2019.

Procedure for Online Application of Re-checking of SEBA  :

Candidates who wants to get their evaluated Answer Scripts re-checked will have to apply through the SEBA’s online portal and click on the link “APPLY FOR RE-CHECKING OR PHOTOCOPY WITH RE-CHECKING OF ANSWER SCRIPTS” within 12 days from the date of publication of Results (i.e before 27th May,2019) along with a fee of Rs. 350/- (Rupees three hundred fifty only) per Subject to be paid through online mode.

What is Re-checking Process?:

The candidate shall note that Re-checking of Answer Script shall not mean Re-evaluation
of the Answer Scripts.

Re-checking shall include :

i. Retotalling of Marks awarded by the Examiner.
ii. Assessment of Answer(s) which has/have been left out unevaluated.
iii. Correction of wrong entry of marks of any manner/ nature.

Important notes:

  • The Results of Re-checking will be informed to the Applicant through a Notification within 30 days from the last date of receipt of applications. The Marks sheet/ Certificates to the candidates, in case of any change will be issued on submission of the Original Marks sheet/ Certificates in the Board’s Office through the Head of the concerned School with intimation of the Head of the Institution. No such Marks sheet/Certificates will be sent directly to School/ candidate or through any other agency.
  • No application will be accepted without fee.
  • Incomplete applications will summarily be rejected.
  • Application for obtaining photocopy along with Re-checking of the evaluated Answer Scripts :

The procedure of rechecking is as under :

i. The Answer Scripts are confidential documents and will not come under the purview of RTI Act, 2005 prior to declaration of Re-checked Results of the HSLC/ AHM Examination.

ii. Candidates applying for photocopy of the Answer Scripts along with Re-checking will have to upload an undertaking as per the prescribed format to be made available on the website and click on the link “ APPLY FOR RE-CHECKING OR PHOTOCOPY WITH RE-CHECKING OF ANSWER SCRIPTS” along with scanned copy of the Marks sheet. The procedure for the details of online application of obtaining photocopy of evaluated Answer Scripts is given in this Results Gazette.

iii. Application submitted on behalf of the candidate and also incomplete application will
summarily be rejected.

iv. Fee for obtaining photocopy along with Re-checking of the evaluated Answer Script is Rs.550/- ( Rupees five hundred fifty only) per subject which will have to be paid through online mode.

v. It will be the endeavour of the Board to deliver the Re-checked photocopy of the evaluated Answer Script within 15 days from the date of declaration of Re-checked results.

vi. Photocopy of the evaluated Answer Script would be provided after blocking all information relating to the identity of the Examiner/ Evaluator/ any other Officials associated with the Examination process ( as also the marked answer therein).

vii. Decision of the competent authority of the Board on the marks awarded shall be final and binding on the candidate.

viii. The candidate shall have to give undertaking that the photocopy along with re-checking of Answer Scripts shall not be given to any Institution or School for display or any commercial purpose or to print media and electronic media by him / her or anyone on his / her behalf. Violation of this instruction shall be liable for legal action.

ix. The photocopy of the evaluated Answer Script shall not be challenged by any examinee in the court of law or make any claim on this account in any forum.

x. The Board will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any inconvenience caused to the candidate, consequent upon the delay in communication for reasons beyond control.

xi. Separate application under RTI is not required.

xii. Incomplete application will be summarily rejected.

HOW TO APPLY ONLINE for Rechecking process of SEBA HSLC/AHM answer scripts ?:

1.  Provide your Roll and No of HSLC / AHM Examination-2019 to proceed.
2.  Select the service you want to avail i.e. select either Rechecking with Photocopy or only Rechecking.
3.  Select the subjects for which you want the service. 
4.  Upload the scanned copy of your Marks Sheet in .jpeg,.jpg or .png format and file size should be within 2MB.
5.  Provide your contact details in space provided.
6.  Check carefully all the information provided by you. (SEBA is not responsible for any unprocessed applications due to wrong information provided by the candidates).
7.  Proceed to make payment by clicking “CONFIRM AND PAY ONLINE” button.
8.  Enter necessary details in the online payment page.Click on blue coloured “Pay Now” button on bottom right to confirm the payment.
9.  After making successful payment, you will get your ARN Number (Application Receipt Number) in your mobile number. You can also download your invoice of the payment. (Keep it safe for future references).
10.  You can use your ARN further to check the status of your application in the website.

(1)  Scanned copy of Marks Sheet of the HSLC/AHM Examination, 2019.
(2)  ROLL & NO. of HSLC/AHM Examination, 2019.
(3)  Details of DEBIT/CREDIT CARD or Net Banking for making online payment.
(4)  E-mail ID (if available)
(5)  Mobile number of the applicant for any correspondence.
(6)  Fee for obtaining Rechecking & Photocopy of Answer script is Rs. 550/- and for Only Rechecking is Rs. 350/- (per subject) respectively.

Apply Online: Click Here .